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Radar Detectors Canada

Beltronics Radar Detectors Canada Escort Radar Canada Radenso Radar

Here at KMPH, our team specializes on radar and laser countermeasure for the Canadian market. We carry the best radar laser detectors money can buy, with full Canadian warranty and customer support. We are an authorized distributor for Radenso Radar, and authorized vendor for Escort and Beltronics brands. Customers get our full after-sale support and Canadian warranty.

What is a Radar Detector?

Police radar technology uses microwave in X, K or Ka bands, and a radar detector works by detecting radar signal from afar, warning the driver to slow down before police radar unit can measure the vehicle's speed.

Radar Detector Brands and Best-Selling Models

Escort Radar and Beltronics make the best in class radar detectors - award winning STi Magnum, the new GT7, custom installed STiR Plus, and Pro-Series including Pro300 and Pro500, as well as Passport Max / Max2 / Max360, Passport 9500ix, and Redline.

The latest German brand Radenso also made its debut in Canada with its high performance Radenso Pro and Pro SE models, which are also world's smallest radar detector in size.

See our Radar Detector Canadian Buyer's Guide to learn more.