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Beltronics STi Magnum

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STi Magnum - Weekly Special and Coupon

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Total Shield - 100% Undetectable

Beltronics STi Magnum radar detector is 100% undetectable to all police Radar-Detector-Detector (RDD) including the latest Spectre 3 and Spectre 4 used by police in Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada.

Long Range Radar Performance

Beltronics STi Magnum is the latest radar detector to use the M3 Dual Antenna design for maximum range and sensitivity. With up to 60% improvement on range over the previous STi Driver, STi Magnum matches the performance Escort RedLine, STi-R Plus, and Passport 9500ci which all use the same M3 antenna receiver. STi Performance exceeds "M4" platform used in Passport 9500ix, X50, and RX65.

AutoScan, City Mode, and new Traffic Signal Rejection

Reduces false alerts emitted by automatic door openers by selecting AutoScan, City or City-NoX Mode. Use "Highway" Mode for driving on an open road for maximum sensitivity. STi Magnum includes Traffic Signal Rejection (TSR) setting for suppressing alerts from traffic "drones" that uses short bursts of K-band radar signal to sample traffic flow.

Escort Live Compatibility

Beltronics STi Magnum is compatible with the Escort Live SmartCord. Escort Live adds TrueLock (locks out and eliminate false alerts) and Camera Database via the Live app on an iPhone or Android device. Learn more about Escort Live below:

Escort Live SmartCord or DirectWire

BEL STi Magnum Includes

The latest production model STi Magnum radar detector with magnesium construction, windshield mount with spare suction cups, coiled "combo" cigarette lighter SmartCord, and a Quick Reference Card.

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