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Choose from our of our best selling radar detectors in Canada including Beltronics STi Driver, STi Magnum, STi-R Plus, PRO 500, PRO 300, and Vector 995, or follow our buyer's guide based on which province you live in or plan to travel to.

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Radar Detectors - Best-Sellers

$629.00 (CAD)
Best portable detector!

Beltronics STi Magnum NEW!

  • High Quality Magnesium Construction
  • Tuned "M3" Dual Antenna
  • Longest range radar Detection
  • 60% Improved Performance over the original STi Driver
  • Total-Shield - 100% Undetectable to VG2, Spectre 3, Spectre 4 RDD
  • Traffic Signal Rejection
  • Best portable radar detector for Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada
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$549.00 (CAD)
On Sale!
Beltronics PRO 500 NEW!

  • Long range performance - improved model to the BEL GX65
  • GPS - Red-light & Speed Camera Detection
  • Variable Speed Sensitivity
  • True-Lock - Lock Out False Alerts
  • Camera Database User Update (with subscription)
  • Excellent choice for BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan
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Other Radar Detectors

Beltronics STi Magnum
$629.00 (CAD)

Beltronics Vector 995
$399.00 (CAD)

Beltronics Pro 300
$429.00 (CAD)

Beltronics Pro 500
$549.00 (CAD)

Beltronics STi-R Plus
$1,499.00 (CAD)
Best custom installed detector!

Concealed and Undetectable All-In-One Radar Laser System

Now On Sale!
NEW! Beltronics STi-R Plus

  • High Performance M3 Dual Antenna
  • Remote Radar & Laser Receiver
  • Total-Shield - 100% Undetectable to any Spectre RDD!
  • North American Version - Canada and US Red-light & Speed Camera Database with TSR
  • AlertLock with AutoLock - GPS Locks Out False Alerts automatically
  • Ka-band Segmentation - Improves Ka-band Response against Instant-On
  • Instant-Kill (Panic Mode) - disables radar & laser functions
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Best Radar Detector Laser Jammer package!

NEW! Beltronics STi-R Plus + AL Priority Jammer

  • Ultra-high Performance STi-R Plus
  • 100% Undetectable - Invisible to any VG2 and Spectre RDD
  • GPS camera database - advance warning against red-light cameras and speed cameras
  • AlertLock and AutoLock - automatically lock out unwanted false alerts from automatic doors
  • Band Segmentation and RDR - Best response against instant-on Ka radar
  • Highly recommended for Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and Maritimes
  • AL Priority - Best laser jammer against all police laser guns & 100% legal parking sensor; available in Single, Dual, Triple, Quad, and Five system

New Radar Detector with AL Priority Laser Jammer Package!

Beltronics STi Magnum + AL Priority

Beltronics Pro 500 + AL Priority

Beltronics PRO 300

V1 + AL Priority

Beltronics STi-R Plus + AL Priority
Best of the Best!

Motorcycle Package with Radar Detector, ALP Jammer, and Cheetah Bluetooth Audio

Select Radar Detector + AL Priority Jammer

Popular Radar Detector Accessories

Direct Wire Cord
$29.95 (CAD)

Direct Wire SmartCord
$39.95 (CAD)

Coiled SmartCord
$39.95 (CAD)

Straight SmartCord
$39.95 (CAD)

StickyCup Mount
$45.95+ (CAD)

Windshield Mount
$24.95 (CAD)

Visor Clip
$24.95 (CAD)

Visor Holder
$39.95 (CAD)

Mirror Mount
$69.95 (CAD)

SmartCord Live
$149.95 (CAD)

Motorcycle Bluetooth Audio
$129.95 (CAD)

Valentine 1 Radar Detector

Valentine One (V1)
$649.00 (CAD)

V1 Concealed Display
$99.00 (CAD)

V1 Remote Audio Adapter
$99.00 (CAD)