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MultaRadar CD (MRCD) Photo Radar in Edmonton Alberta

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What is MultaRadar CD Photo Radar?

Edmonton MultaRadar CD MRCDKnown as the MRCD, MultaRadar CD is a mobile photo radar technology from Jenoptik, typically deployed in a container box or a dedicated speed-measuring van or truck (mostly unmarked).

Since early 2016, Edmonton has upgraded all of their existing photo radar equipments to the new MultaRadar CD. Several cities in Quebec (including Quebec City, Gatineau, and Montreal areas) also use MRCD photo radar.

What Frequency does MultaRadar CD use and can it be detected?

MRCD photo radar uses K-band, but it is FMCW (frequency modulated continuous wave) with changing frequencies and low power. This presents a problem for USA and North American tuned radar detectors which do not scan low end of 24.0GHz. 

Since MRCD have been widely used in Europe and Australia, some international version of Escort radar detectors are very capable of detecting MRCD with very good advance warning.

Which radar detector can detect MultaRadar MRCD?

Escort Redline MRCD Edition is best portable radar detector to detect MRCD. This is also known as Redline International or Pro-A. Redline MRCD is not the same as the North American Redline.

Net-Radar has just released its MRCD radar antenna add-on (remote installed) for ALP / RG to support current or future AL Priority users. Net Radar MRCD is now in stock! This would be an ideal option for customers looking for a concealed setup.

Passport 9500Ci MRCD (INTL) is also another stand-alone custom installed radar system that supports MultaRadar. This is not the same as the North American 9500ci-Pro or 9500ci-Platinum.

Watch the following video for MRCD detection:


More questions on MRCD, Redline MRCD Edition, or Net-Radar MRCD?

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