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STiR Plus Integration Kit, HiFi Control Set for AL Priority

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AL Priority has been released since just over a year ago in late 2013, and it just keeps getting better with performance upgrades, Laser Ally / DragonEye support, ALPConnect Android release and much more!

We are pleased to announce two optional add-ons:

STiR Plus Integration Kit

  • Includes STiR Plus radar receiver, cable, R/G Plugin Module, GPS Module
  • AL Priority control unit controls the radar system
  • Radar and laser alerts will go through ALP Control Set (standard of HiFi), or ALPConnect app (via iPhone or Android, BT required)
  • Click here for product link


AL Priority HiFi Control Set Upgrade

  • Special Control Set that works with any existing AL Priority control box
  • Features voice alerts with Radar band and Lidar identification
  • Includes an amplified speaker


This HiFi module has been the most highly anticipated option among the AL Priority community. In Canada, we are offering this upgrade for $99 + shipping for pre-order. ETA - shipping first week of January 2015. Please email to reserve yours.

Those who wish to purchase AL Priority with HiFi option, we will have pricing available soon in early January.

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