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Escort Redline Ka-band Segment Programming + RDR

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Escort Redline KaSW RDR

What is Escort Redline's Ka-BS + RDR Firmware?

The latest Escort Redline radar detector features Expert Firmware, which includes Ka-band segment and RDR programming. Certain retailer refers to this as "Redline XR". One of the most frequently asked questions regarding Escort Redline is that if we sell this special XR edition in Canada. We would like to clarify below.

There is no such model as "RedLine XR". This is not an official model name, version, or special edition. Ka-BS and RDR functions are available on all Redlines that we carry. It can be pre-programmed for you at no cost upon request when you place an order. 

Ka-Band Segmentation and RDR Programming Instructions

  • Power on your Redline radar detector, and hold down VOL/MUTE and SENS buttons until display shows "Preferences".
  • Short-press VOL/MUTE button and cycle through the Preference Menu until you see BAND DFT/MOD. Press SENS button to enter the sub-menu.
  • Short-press SENS button and cycle through the Bands Menu until you see KaSW. Factory default setting is ON. Hold SENS button until it displays OFF. Short-press the SENS button again to continue.
  • Now you will be able to program each Ka-band frequency segments. All segments are OFF by default. Hold SENS button to toggle each setting, and short-press to continue. For Canada, we recommend users to enable Ka2, Ka5, Ka6, and Ka8. These are the most important Ka frequency segments. Some may prefer to add Ka6 if your city uses Ka-band photo radar system.
  • Cycle through the Bands Settings. Turn POP OFF, and turn RDR OFF. Leaving RDR off further improves the response to Ka detection.
  • TSR (only available on North American Redline) can be left ON to reduce K-band false alarms from traffic sensors and some vehicular safety features. It does not affect Ka-band.

Program your Escort Redline before shipping your order

If you like us to pre-program your Escort Redline before shipping your order, simply drop us an email. We can configure the best settings for you at no charge.

Buy Escort Redline Radar Detector

You can click on the link here to purchase Escort Redline in Canada.

Looking for Alberta / Quebec / Ontario MultaRadar (MRCD) photo radar detection?

You need Escort Redline MRCD Edition

Programming and Bands Mod settings for Redline MRCD:

  • X-band off
  • KSW off (turn on K2 only, or turn off all 3 segments if in Edmonton)
  • MTRCD on (in cities with MRCD photo radar)
  • MTRCT off
  • STRK (Strelka) off
  • GATSO off
  • KaSW off (but turn on Ka 2, 5, 6, 8 segments, and others off)
  • Laser on
  • RDR off

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