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Disguised Photo Radar Box introduced in Edmonton

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Edmonton photo radar in boxEdmonton is re-introducing disguised photo radar boxes as a tool to catch speeders. KMPH team is currently working with our contacts in Edmonton to determine what exact system is used inside the container box.

Update: we have just received confirmation MRCD are used in these photo radar box!

In early 2016, City of Edmonton replaced all of its Ka-band photo radar equipments with MultaRadar (MRCD)

Edmonton photo radar in utility boxAccording to news article on Global News, “This is regular photo enforcement equipment housed inside a metal case that can be set beside the road,” Executive director of the office of traffic safety Gerry Shimko said on Thursday.

Does City of Edmonton do this to reduce traffic accidents, or is it another cash grab in the name of safety?

Edmonton's photo radar equipment hidden inside the box is indeed MultaRadar / MRCD. We currently offer the Redline MRCD Edition to detect them. Net-Radar is also releasing the MRCD antenna for AL Priority add-on in the near future.

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