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News and Frequently Asked Questions — MaxCi 360

Escort Max Ci Preview - Fails to Jam DragonEye LIDAR

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What's Max Ci / Max Ci 360 Article Update (July 2018): See Max Ci International (radar only) with MRCD capability Escort Radar has recently (May 2017) released their latest custom installed systems - Max Ci and Max Ci 360 (North American edition), to replace their M3-based 9500Ci Pro / Platinum edition. MaxCi is a fully digital (DSP) radar system combined with two front ShifterMax laser heads for laser jamming. MaxCi 360 basically includes two additional ShifterMax heads for the rear, as well as a rear-facing radar antenna for directional arrows. MaxCi's ShifterMax Fails to Jam DragonEye LIDAR According to a reputable laser...

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