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Guide to Buying a Remote Radar Laser Detector

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What is a remote / installed radar laser system?

There are two types of radar detectors of radar detectors - windshield mounted vs. remotely mounted. Windshield or dash mounted radar detectors are usually referred to as portable units, while remote systems are custom installed.

There are several benefits of having a remotely installed radar detector:

  • Clean and uncluttered dash / windshield with hidden remote radar antenna. Controllers and displays have integrated look and feel.
  • Most remote radar systems are high-performance radar detectors
  • remote radar antenna are concealed for provinces that do not allow radar detectors.

Update: New Release for Year 2018

There had been a major updates in the custom-installed market throughout 2017. It is partly due to radar detector manufacturers addressing false alarm filtering against vehicle safety sensors, as well as the growing threat of European bands such as MultaRadar.

    New Remote Radar Detector Comparison

    The new Radenso RC-M is priced very similarly to the Escort MaxCi 360 (without shifters). It's expensive ($2,499 dual radar without ALP jammer). However, if your budget allows, this is the ultimate radar system with a dedicated display / control, GPS camera database, and directional arrows.

    If you can live without red-light / speed camera database (perhaps by using 3rd party app like Waze), Net Radar DSP with AL Priority becomes a bargain. Performance is top-notch utilizing the same DSP platform designed for Uniden R1 and R3. You can purchase both NR-DSP with dual sensor laser jammer for just slightly over $2,000.

    Requirement of Stealth from Spectre RDD

    Both Net Radar DSP and Radenso RC-M have been tested and proven to be functionally stealth and undetectable. Spectre Elite RDD placed inside another vehicle will not be able to detect your installed remote radar system.

    MultaRadar Detection

    MultaRadar (MRCD) is a form of photo radar now widely used in many cities in Alberta and Quebec. NetRadar DSP (with AL Priority) and Radenso RC-M both supports MultaRadar MRCD used in Canada.

    What is Max Ci / Max Ci 360?

    The first release of Escort Radar's MaxCi fails to address new speed enforcement technology such as DragonEye LIDAR and MultaRadar used in Canada. Even after its FW 1.1 update it offers mediocre performance. While it may be an excellent radar system, we do not recommend it. We will revisit if Escort releases the radar-only version of the MaxCi.

    More Questions?

    Still got questions? Feel free to email us at or call 604-725-0338 to discuss further.

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