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Guide to Buying a Remote Radar Laser Detector

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What is a remote / installed radar laser system?

There are two types of radar detectors of radar detectors - windshield mounted vs. remotely mounted. Windshield or dash mounted radar detectors are usually referred to as portable units, while remote systems are custom installed.

There are several benefits of having a remotely installed radar detector:

  • Clean and uncluttered dash / windshield with hidden remote radar antenna. Controllers and displays have integrated look and feel.
  • Most remote radar systems are high-performance radar detectors
  • remote radar antenna are concealed for provinces that do not allow radar detectors.

Stand-alone radar detector vs. Integrated radar add-on

Stand-alone remote radar systems - as the name implies - functions as a radar laser detector on its own. Reputable brands such as Escort Radar and Beltronics make top-end stand-alone systems. Most of them come with GPS functions such as Truelock, AutoLean, and camera database.

Integrated radar add-ons refer to radar receivers / antenna that do not function on its own, but instead integrate with another laser system such as the AL Priority Laser Jammer via an RG Plugin Interface. Radar alerts and warnings will go through ALP HiFi speaker or ALPConnect app via Bluetooth.

Pricing consideration - typically a stand-alone radar system is more costly from $1,600 and up, while a radar add-on kit is priced from $750, roughly inline with most upper-end portable radar detectors. But remember that radar add-on only works with AL Priority laser system, which is sold separately. 

Requirement of Stealth from Spectre RDD

Luckily for those in not-so-legal provinces (Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic), almost all of the above remote systems are either 100% leakage free (fully stealth) or very-low-leakage (near-stealth for normal scenario on the road).

STiR and 9500ci models run on the zero-leakage M3 dual antenna, and are considered 100% undetectable to any RDD.

Radenso HD+ can only be detected at extremely close proximity when positioned "head-on" with the latest Spectre Elite RDD, and they are considered stealth and undetectable to an RDD equipped police car to pass by without detection.

MultaRadar Detection

MultaRadar (MRCD) is a form of photo radar now widely used in many cities in Alberta and Quebec. Ontario will also be deploying these MultaRadar units in 2017. The only two remote systems that support MRCD detection are the 9500ci International and Net Radar add-on (MRCD or Dual Antenna Kit).

GPS TrueLock and AutoLearn

As a patented design by Escort, GPS TrueLock with AutoLearn can only be found incorporated in the stand-alone Escort and Beltronics remote systems.

False alert lock out is possible on the AL Priority with radar add-on if user runs ALPConnect on a smartphone where lock-out data can be stored.

What is Max Ci / Max Ci 360?

The latest installed radar laser system from Escort Radar fails to address new speed enforcement technology such as DragonEye LIDAR and MultaRadar used in Canada. We do not recommend it.

More Questions?

Still got questions? Feel free to email us at or call 604-725-0338 to discuss further.

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