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Programming Uniden R1 and R3 settings for Canada

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 How to Program Uniden R1 and R3 for Canada

Uniden R-Series (R1 and R3) have been tested and ranked to be the best radar detectors of the year in the second half of 2017. Using DSP technology, the digital platform provides much more accurate frequency for highest performance, sensitivity, and false alert filtering.

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Update your Uniden R1 / R3 Firmware

Current firmware version on the R1 / R3 are 1.31 - which supports Ka Segmentation and other improvements.

To check your current firmware version, press MENU, then press VOL- twice until you see the display of your current version.

Uniden R1 and R3 current firmware version

If you don't have the latest firmware, we highly recommend update your detector. You will need the following:

  • PC computer with Windows, or a MAC with Windows running on BootCamp or Parallels (or other virtual machine)
  • USB 2.0 data cable (USB-A to Mini-USB) - can be purchased from local stores
  • Visit Uniden Radar Support - Firmware and follow web instructions

Uniden R1 / R3 Bands Settings for Canada

It is simple to change settings on Uniden R1 or R3. Just press the MENU button, and then VOL+ or VOL- to go to next or previous setting that you want to modify. Use the same MENU button to change settings. 

This quick programming guide will be updated as R-Series receives new features / settings.

Uniden R1 and R3 with Ka-band segmentation

Common Settings for Uniden R1 and R3

  • Sensitivity Mode (Highway - City - Advanced)
    • We recommend Advanced Mode (Ka @ 100%, K @ 60-70% for filtering)
  • Voice - On
  • X Band - Off
  • K Band - On (unless you're absolutely sure K isn't used in your area)
  • Ka Band - On
  • Laser - On (can be turned off if you're running ALP laser jammer)
  • K POP - Off
  • Ka POP - Off
  • K Filter - On
  • Ka Filter - Off
  • TSF - On
  • K - Narrow vs. Wide (Ontario, Atlantic Canada, rural)
  • Ka - Segmentation
    • Ka1 - off
    • Ka2 - ON
    • Ka3 - off
    • Ka4 - off
    • Ka5 - ON
    • Ka6 - off
    • Ka7 - off
    • Ka8 - ON
    • Ka9 - off
    • Ka10 - off
  • All Threat - On
  • Display Colour - personal preference (blue by default)
  • Scan Display vs. Mode Display - personal preference
  • Tones - personal preference
  • AutoMute - On
  • Backlight - On / Off personal preference
  • Self Test - Off (for quieter and faster power-on)

Uniden R3 GPS Specific Settings

  • Unit (Speed) - Metric (km/h)
  • Quiet Ride - 40 km/h (or any personal preference so radar is muted under set speed)
  • Red-light camera option - ON by default
  • Speed camera option - ON by default

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