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Radar Detector and Laser Jammer Reviews — directional arrows

Uniden R7 radar detector with Arrows

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Upcoming Uniden R7 radar detector in mid-2019 Update: R7 pre-order begins March 1 at KMPH!  Pre-order your R7 for April 14, 2019 official release New! First Unboxing of the Uniden R7 in Canada Uniden has become the star in the radar detector industry since its release of the R-Series (R1 and R3) since late 2017, featuring the longest radar detection range with best-in-class filtering. Through several firmware updates over 2018, both R1 and R3 models received performance improvements as well as MRCD (MultaRadar) capability.  In mid-January 2019, the upcoming Uniden R7 model has been announced. It will feature dual antenna with 360 directional arrows,...

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