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Radar Detector and Laser Jammer Reviews — genevo vip

Radenso RC and Radenso Pro M Edition (RPME) Radar Detector Preview

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New Radenso Radar Detectors Arriving Summer 2017! We are delighted to get first-hand preview on the newest Radenso radar detectors due for release this summer. Two samples we received are the windshield mounted Radenso Pro M Edition, and the Radenso RC / RC-M (custom installed).  Read about our early preview of both Radenso models below. Test results will come soon! Radenso RC-M custom installed radar detector Learn more or pre-order the Radenso RC-M radar system One of the most exciting products is the new custom installed Radenso RC / RC-M. This is the first stand-alone installed radar detector launched under the Radenso brand....

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