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Undetectable Radar Detectors for Canada

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Provincial radar detector laws in Canada

Radar detectors illegal in these Canadian provinces

In this article, we first start off by revisiting the Canadian regions where radar detectors are legal, and the provinces that ban them.

Radar detectors are legal to own and to use in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

Radar detectors are not allowed by provincial laws / highway acts in Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, and all northern territories. Police in these provinces use Spectre RDD (radar-detector-detector) to catch radar detector (with leakage signal). 

Stealth Radar Detectors for Eastern Canada

Radenso Pro SE

  • Incredible long range performance from the reputable German brand
  • "Genevo" receiver has extremely low leakage, and the RPSE detector is considered "stealth"
  • Life-time GPS camera database update with GPS lock-outs
  • Impressive Narrow band K/Ka with filters
  • Smallest radar detector in the world
  • Top-Pick - the best long-range detector with GPS camera database

Redline MRCD (International)

  • Identical long range performance as the regular Redline using "M3" platform
  • 100% undetectable to Spectre Elite
  • The first and only portable detector with MultaRadar photo radar detection. MultaRadar (MRCD) has become widespread across major cities in Quebec, and it will be soon deployed across Ontario.
  • Highly recommended for Quebec and Ontario drivers
  • Top-Pick - the best portable detector for Quebec

    Escort 9500Ci International

    • Concealed and custom-installed
    • "M3" dual antenna as Redline and STiR Plus - long range performance with TotalShield (100% undetectable)
    • GPS Truelock with AutoLearn
    • MultaRadar photo radar detection (same as Redline Intl / MRCD)
    • Discrete display and control module inside the vehicle
    • Top-Pick - best installed radar system for Quebec (and also Ontario in the near future)

    Escort Redline (no longer produced)

    • The portable radar detector that is 100% undetectable to any Spectre RDD
    • Extremely long-range radar detection using the "M3" dual-antenna receiver.
    • First portable detector to incorporate KaSW band segmentation for fast response.

    Beltronics STi Magnum (discontinued)

    • Upgraded from STi Driver, STi Magnum uses the same M3 dual antenna as the Escort Redline, offering TotalShield (100% stealth to Spectre) and long range
    • STi Magnum uses the traditional Beltronics "male" voice alerts, as opposed to Escort Radar's "female" voice alerts.

    Beltronics STiR Plus (discontinued)

    • Concealed and custom-installed
    • "M3" dual antenna as Redline - long range performance with TotalShield
    • GPS camera database (3-yr updates) and Truelock with AutoLearn
    • Discrete display and control module inside the vehicle

      Laser Defense for Handheld LIDAR (laser) Guns

      Yes you will need proper laser defense (laser jammer, shifter, blocker, defuser, etc) if you frequently encounter handheld laser guns at speed traps. 

      AL Priority Laser Defense

      • The best laser jammer tested to work with all known police LIDAR guns in Canada and the USA.

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