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AL Priority Moto for Motorcycle

  • $74900

AL Priority Laser Defense with Moto Control Set

AL Priority is the most powerful and reliable multi-purpose laser protection system for cars and motorcycles.

  • 100% legal laser parking sensor / park assist avoiding front bumper damage
  • Ultra protection against LIDAR based devices
  • AL-Priority has the world's smallest sensor, with 20% improvement on laser detection over AL G9, and 40%+ better than compeition
  • Beautifully designed Control Set for easy mounting inside cabin
  • Optional Bluetooth Interface - for iPhone or Android wireless integration
  • Free web firmware update via USB
  • Optional Add-On available - Bluetooth Module, R/G Plugin Module
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • This is the ALP Moto Version for Motorcycle application - including Moto Control Set with 3.5mm audio-out, push-button for control.
  • You can connect your own ear-piece or headset for alerts. We also have Cheetah Bluetooth Audio with headset available.

A Closer Look at the ALP Moto Control Set

MOTO Control Unit - download user guide

AL Priority Moto Models:

AL Priority Single: Excellent performance and coverage for the front of a motorcycle with a 1 single laser sensor.

AL Priority Dual: Front and rear protection for your motorcycle

Based price is $749 CAD. Each additional sensor costs $350. 

Shipping and Delivery

We ship to any city within Canada via Purolator. We do not trans-ship AL Priority to countries with other established distributorship including USA and Australia. Please email for any inquiry.

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