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Beltronics Radar Detector Canada


Beltronics Canada

Beltronics Radar Brand and History

UpdateBeltronics brand has been discontinued (2017 Spring). While most detectors have been sold out, parts and accessories are still available for purchase.

Beltronics is a sister company acquired by Escort Radar, which is under Cedar Electronics who also owns Cobra. This is why you will find many similar or equivalent radar detector models between the two brands, sharing the same features such as GPS TrueLock with AutoLearn, Defender Camera Database, and Total-Shield stealth technology.

Where to buy a Beltronics radar detector in Canada?

KMPH is an authorized Beltronics retailer under Automobility Distribution, and we carry the best models for the Canadian market. Make your purchase with confidence as all Beltronics radar detectors come with 1-year Canadian warranty. Need help choosing the right detector? No problem. Give us a call, send us an email, or use Live Chat Support and our specialist will help you choose one based on your budget. We also have FAQ and buyer's guide available.

Which Beltronics models were offered in Canada?

At, we carried the following models:

Beltronics Clearance

The following units are still available for purchase: