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Escort Passport Max International

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Escort Max International Availability

We are excited to present another MultaRadar capable radar detector from Escort Radar - the Max International. This radar detector also works extremely well in Asia.

Passport Max International is a strong contender given its portability as well as having GPS built-in for locking out false alarms. It also comes in a colour OLED display with 4 different colour themes.

    Long-range "HD" Performance

    Escort Passport Max International is one of the latest generation radar detectors that feature unique high-definition DSP M5 antenna which results in much longer radar detection range while filtering out false alarms automatically.

    Intelligent GPS Truelock with AutoLearn

    Passport Max International has GPS built-in, providing important TrueLock and AutoLearn functions that allow the detector to automatically learn where false radar alerts occur, and lock out if necessary. Camera database covers red-light and fixed speed camera locations in Canada and USA.

    GPS camera database covers EU regions, Australia / NZ, and China.

    Supported Radar Bands

    Escort Max International supports X-band, KSW (K-band segmentation), KaSW (Ka-band segmentation, MultaRadar CD (MRCD @ 24.080 - 24.120 GHz), and Laser. 

    Max International radar detector - support radar bands

    Passport Max International Includes

    Escort Passport Max Int'l package includes the Max detector, StickyCup mount, coiled cigarette lighter combo SmartCord, a soft-shell travel case, and a Quick Reference Card. 

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