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AL Priority TX Sensor

  • $50000

What is the AL Priority TX Sensor for?

Antilaser continues to make sure AL Priority stays on top of the game to combat new high pulse-rate VPR LIDAR guns such as the DragonEye and other speed laser. TX sensor is the latest addition to an existing ALP system to provide bullet-proof performance.

AL Priority TX Sensor Features

  • ALP TX sensor is the most powerful "transmit-only" sensor with unique triple transmitter design
  • Smallest size with dimension 27 x 30 x 9.5mm or 1.06" x 1.18" x 0.37" (WxDxH) 
  • Extreme resistance to engine noise and laser interference
  • Powered by AL patented technology
  • TX can be installed in a pair to provide double the transmit firepower
  • TX sensor uses the same type of twist-lock cabling as an ALP sensor

ALP TX Sensor Requirement

  • AL Priority Laser System with CPU / Control Box HW.2 or newer
  • GPS Module is required - defined LID speed limit 30 km/h or higher. If you already have GPS with RG3 (NetRadar / DSP) or RG2 (STiR / Radenso HD), you don't have to purchase another GPS.
  • TX must be paired with at least one regular ALP sensor on the same side
  • We recommend 2x regular ALP sensor + 1x TX centred for front laser protection especially on a larger vehicle.

ALP TX Sensor Installation

  • TX must be mounted horizontally
  • TX should be mounted ideally 50cm from the ground
  • TX should be ideally kept 20cm from the nearby regular ALP sensor
  • TX will only work with at least one ALP sensor on the same side
  • If paired with another TX sensor, make sure it's the opposite colour (blue vs. green); a sensor cable splitter will be provided when a pairing TX is purchased.

TX Sensor Canadian Pricing

  • Each TX sensor is $500 CAD
  • Required GPS Module is $85 CAD
  • Free shipping across Canada
  • Now in stock and shipping!

ALP TX Performance Test vs. DragonEye SpeedLaser

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