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Radenso RC-M Remote

  • $2,39900

Radenso RC-M

  • Radenso RC-M is the first stand-alone installed radar detector with a display
  • MultaRadar (MRCD) support is included for Canada
  • Radenso RC-M will be available in single front antenna or dual radar antenna configuration which supports directional arrows.
  • Radenso RC-M + AL Priority laser jammer package available

Radenso RC-M Features 

Radenso RC-M Display with directional arrows

  • Longest range detection vs. competition in the installed radar market
  • Sleek in-cabin display-control unit in-one
  • Red-light and speed-cam Camera Database for North America region
  • MultaRadar (MRCD) detection for Canada
  • MRCD Wide vs. Narrow settings with MRCD Filter
  • Ultra-low leakage Spectre undetectable
  • Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) and Cruise Control Filters
  • Ka and K narrow-band settings
  • GPS lock-out against false alarms
  • Low-speed GPS auto-muting
  • Optional rear radar antenna for directional arrows
  • 2-year warranty (install labour excluded / consult with your installer)
  • Radenso RC-M User Instruction Manual

    Add AL Priority laser defence

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