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Radar Add-On for AL Priority

What is a Radar Add-on or Integration Kit?

Custom installed radar detectors, or commonly referred to as the "remote" radar detectors are often very expensive (eg. $1,500+ for an STiR Plus or $2,500+ for 9500Ci) for the product alone before any installation cost. 

Learn more about remote radar systems:
Guide to buying a remote radar laser detector

KMPH is proud to present several Radar Add-on options for AL Priority laser system, making ALP an all-in-one integrated radar and laser defense system.

A radar add-on does not function by itself as a radar detector, but it is interfaced with AL Priority so that radar warnings are alerted through ALP directly.

Best-selling Radar Add-on Kits for AL Priority

1. Net-Radar Add-on (from $750)

  • The best high-performance integrated radar solution for AL Priority, co-developed by the Antilaser (AL) team. 
  • Includes GPS module for speed controlled radar mute
  • Supports more than 1x radar antenna; MRCD antenna
  • Supports GPS lock-out against false alerts using ALPConnect (Bluetooth Module required)

2. STiR Radar Add-on (from $800)

  • High-performance integrated radar solution for AL Priority, featuring the same radar antenna used in a full Beltronics STiR Plus radar system.
  • 100% undetectable and stealth to the police Spectre RDD in Ontario, Quebec, and the rest of eastern Canadian provinces.
  • Optional GPS module is available for speed controlled radar mute.