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Radar Detector AL Priority Package

Laser Protection is just as important as Radar Detection

So you've done your research. You know that radar/laser detection alone isn't enough. Bundle the best laser defense - AL Priority System with the most current selection of Radenso and Escort radar detectors. Save on package pricing and free shipping!

Deciding on which radar detector to buy?

AL Priority + Radar Laser Package Upgrade Options

  • HiFi Upgrade for ALP - HiFi controller that adds voice alerts, voice menu, and detailed LIDAR identification
  • Bluetooth Module ALPConnect - wireless ALP connectivity with mobile phone interface; supports over-the-air firmware update
  • ALP Sensor Extension Cables - recommended for rear-mounted ALP sensors on cars longer than a sport coupé (ie. full-size sedans and trucks / SUVs)

Limited-time Bundle Special 

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