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Radar Detector AL Priority Package

Laser Protection is just as important as Radar Detection

So you've done your research. You know that radar/laser detection alone isn't enough. Bundle the best laser defense - AL Priority System with the most current selection of Beltronics and Escort radar detectors. Save on package pricing and free Purolator Ground shipping!

Deciding on which radar detector to buy?

AL Priority + Radar Laser Package Upgrade Options

  • HiFi Upgrade for ALP - HiFi controller that adds voice alerts, voice menu, and detailed LIDAR identification
  • Bluetooth Module ALPConnect - wireless ALP connectivity with mobile phone interface; supports over-the-air firmware update
  • ALP Sensor Extension Cables - recommended for rear-mounted ALP sensors on cars longer than a sport coupé (ie. full-size sedans and trucks / SUVs)

Limited-time Bundle Special 

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