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[Clearance] Radenso XP

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[Clearance Sale] Radenso XP radar detector

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Optional Radenso XP Accessories

XP offers Long Range Performance

After one year of success of Radenso's flagship Radenso Pro SE model, the all-new Radenso XP model has been added to its product line-up.

The latest German-designed Radenso XP radar detector uses an LNA equipped antenna to achieve long range sensitivity. XP's performance is comparable to many high end radar detectors from Escort and Beltronics. Key performance highlights are

  • LNA equipped antenna for incredible range and sensitivity
  • Selectable Ka-band (10-segments)
  • Low power / low frequency K-band detection
  • Laser detection

Superb False Alarm Filtering

In addition to its superb radar detection, Radenso XP has the best-in-class false alarm filters built-in - including

  • BlindSpot Monitoring / CAS filter against newer vehicle sensors
  • TSR (traffic signal rejection) against traffic monitoring drones
  • K-narrow band
  • GPS low-speed mute (for X/K) and GPS lock-out

GPS Enabled - false alert lock-out and camera database

Radenso XP features the same built-in GPS functions from its flagship model Radenso Pro SE. Radenso XP includes a fully directional GPS camera database for speed cameras and red-light cameras with free monthly updates. GPS also allows lockouts against automatic door sensors.

Other Radenso XP Features

  • Bright orange/red display
  • RJ11 power connection
  • 6-driving mode with Multiple Threat Display
  • Free firmware and database updates
  • Stealth to Spectre RDD beyond 4.5 meters
  • 1-year limited warranty

Radenso XP Includes

Radenso XP package includes the Radenso XP radar detector, windshield mount, cigarette-lighter power adapter with straight cord, and a travel case.

Need help pre-programming the optimal settings?

We offer free optional programming prior to shipping our customer's purchase. We'll ensure that your unit is running optimal settings for your province. Please request upon purchase.

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