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[Clearance] Uniden DFR7

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Uniden DFR7 at Clearance Pricing

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Uniden DFR-7 radar detector set the benchmark for radar performance for under $400. DFR7 model incorporates GPS for speed-controlled mute as well as red-light and speed camera database. GPS makes Uniden DFR7 a much quieter detector compared to competition in the price range. DFR7 is the best bang for the buck detector in 2017 (by VortexRadar).

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Uniden DFR7 Key Features

  • Long Range Radar and Laser Detection
  • Advanced K-band Filters
  • Voice Alerts
  • Bright OLED Display
  • GPS Camera Database - red-light and speed camera alerts
  • Radar Mute / Lock-out Memory
  • GPS User Marked Locations for Hot-Spots
  • GPS Speed Display with MAX Speed Warning System
  • Frequency Display of Radar Bands (ie. 34.7GHz Ka)
  • Separate Strength Meter
  • Invisible to VG2; stealth to Spectre Elite RDD outside 5 metres

Uniden DFR7 includes

Availability in Canada

  • On-sale at $369.95. Free hardwire kit for limited time only.

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