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Radenso Radar Detector Canada

 Radenso Radar Canada

Radenso Radar Brand

Radenso features German "Genevo" engineering, focused on design and manufacturing high performance radar detectors. Key Radenso features are:

  • Long-range radar detection performance
  • Smallest size and form factor
  • Competitive pricing vs. other brand and models
  • Effective filtering against false alarms
  • GPS camera database and speed sense mute (selective models)
  • Remote HD+ antenna for ALP laser jammer integration
  • Near-Undetectable for Pro SE and HD+ detectors

Where to buy a Radenso radar detector in Canada?

KMPH is an authorized Radenso Radar distributor in Canada. Radenso Pro SE radar detectors come with 2-year Canadian warranty, unmatched by most other RD manufacturers. The new Radenso XP comes with 1-yr warranty.

Which Radenso models are offered in Canada?

At, we carry the following Radenso radar detectors: