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Undetectable Radar Detectors for Canada

Who needs an undetectable radar detector in Canada?

Use of a radar detector is prohibited in the following Canadian provinces: Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, Yukon, and NWT.

But don't worry!

If you live in a province listed above, or plan to travel through the eastern provinces, you will need a 100% undetectable radar detector, designed to be stealth and invisible to police Spectre radar-detector-detectors (RDD). Total Shield is a patented technology by Beltronics and Escort Radar, eliminating any leakage signal from radar receivers. 

These are the only 100% undetectable radar detectors on the market below:
Escort Redline, Beltronics STi Magnum, Beltronics STiR Plus, STiR Integration Kit (add-on to ALP)

Net-Radar Add-on for ALP is also "near-stealth", as it can only be detected by Spectre RDD in extremely close proximity (side by side). 

Which radar detector do we recommend for Ontario and Quebec?

Custom-Installed: Beltronics STiR Plus

BEL STiR Plus is the best installed radar system we have tested for Canadians, especially if you live in province of Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada. Not only is the STi-R Plus undetectable to any RDD, it's also very well concealed in the front grill. Highly recommended if budget allows.

Portable: Escort Redline and STi Magnum

Escort Redline and STi Magnum are the best portable (windshield mounted) radar detector we recommend for drivers in eastern Canada. Both detectors feature long range performance, band-segmentation settings improving Ka-band response time, and Total-Shield stealth technology.

If you decide to go for an Escort Redline or a BEL STi Magnum and use them in provinces that ban radar detectors, remember to add a Sun Visor Holder with a Straight Cord to conceal your unit.

Quebec (and coming soon to Ontario) MRCD Photo Radar:
Redline MRCD or 9500Ci MRCD

MultaRadar (known as MRCD) is currently used specifically in Edmonton Alberta and several cities in Quebec (Quebec City, Montreal, Gatineau, etc). Redline MRCD has been tested and proven to detect these mobile photo radar systems as well as conventional moving K/Ka bands. It's also undetectable. Contact us to check on availability.