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KMPH Best Radar Detectors and Laser Jammers Canada - #1 Radar and Laser Detector Supplier in Canada

Antilaser AL Priority Laser Jammer Canada Uniden Radar Detectors Canada Escort Radar Canada Radenso Radar Thinkware dashcam Canada

KMPH brands - AL Priority, Uniden, Escort Radar, Radenso, ThinkwareOur company, KMPH Laser Pro based in Vancouver, British Columbia, specializes in radar detectors and laser defense for the Canadian market.

We are car enthusiasts, like many of you. It is our passion to test and review radar and laser countermeasure systems and offer Canadians motorists the best recommendation. We want to help you save money (and possibly your driver's licence), hence we only bring you the best radar detector and laser defense on the market.

Authorized Canadian Distributor and Vendor
KMPH is the official Canadian distributor for AL Priority laser system, supplier for Uniden Radar and Net-Radar, and authorized vendor for Radenso and Escort Radar detectors. Pricing in Canadian Dollars. Customers get full warranty support in Canada.

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