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AL Priority Laser System

  • $1,04900

What is AL Priority Multipurpose Laser Parking System?

AL Priority is the most powerful and reliable multi-purpose laser protection system for cars and motorcycles.

  • 100% legal laser parking sensor / park assist avoiding front bumper damage
  • Ultimate protection against all LIDAR based speed-measurement devices
  • AL-Priority has the world's smallest sensor, with 20% improvement on laser detection over AL G9, and 40%+ better than competition
  • Optional HiFi version AL Priority with voice alerts available!
  • Beautifully designed Control Set for easy mounting inside cabin
  • Optional Bluetooth Module - for iPhone or Android wireless integration
  • Free web firmware update via USB
  • Optional USB privacy key that disables defense mode when unplugged
  • Optional Radar Add-on for AL Priority - requires Bluetooth or HiFi
  • 2-year limited warranty

100% DragonEye, TruSpeed S, Laser Ally Support

Minimum 2x ALP sensors on the same side (front or rear) are required for proper defense against DragonEye / TruSpeed S. Choose ALP Dual for front protection or ALP Quad (4) / Quint (5) for front and rear protection.

Add radar detection to AL Priority

Get Radar Add-on for your AL Priority (HiFi / Bluetooth), or check out all other radar-ALP package.

Choosing the number of ALP Sensors

AL Priority Single: No longer offered or recommended due to DragonEye and other VPR LIDAR becoming widespread in Canada. A single sensor will not protect you against these newer laser speed guns. 

AL Priority Dual: Two sensor model is our best seller for front protection. Dual sensors up front is the minimum requirement for DragonEye protection.

AL Priority Triple: A very popular setup for 2-front and 1-rear installation. Or 3x up front to cover an oversized truck with lots of chrome / reflective surface.

AL Priority Quad: Best selling front and rear system with 2-front and 2-rear coverage. Highly recommended for Edmonton, Saskatoon, and Winnipeg region where DragonEye LidarCams / DragonCam (rear targeting Photo LIDAR) are heavily used.

AL Priority Quint: Maximum number of ALP sensors allowed for a single ALP control box - 3 front and 2 rear; or 2 front and 3 rear.

AL Priority Canadian Pricing

  • Based price starts at $1,049 CAD for ALP with 2 sensor units. Each additional sensor costs $350. Use drop-down menu to select number of sensor units and view respective pricing.
  • Dealer and installer inquiry welcome
  • Price match inquiry - please call or email. 

Shipping and Delivery

We ship to any city within Canada via Purolator. Shipping is free of charge for purchase over $300.

We do not export AL Priority to countries with other established distributorship including USA and Australia. Please email for inquiry.

Non-Canadians visiting Vancouver Canada are welcome to arrange local pick-up. But be sure to research the type of LIDAR used in your country, or consult us for details.

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