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Beltronics STiR Plus

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#1 Custom Installed Radar System on the Market

100% Undetectable and invisible to the latest police Spectre Radar-Detector-Detector (RDD) used by OPP, RCMP, and Quebec Police. Conceal the remote radar and laser receiver for stealth install.

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Superior Long Range Performance

M3 is the platform and radar receiver used in Bel STi Driver, STi-R, Escort RedLine, and Passport 9500ci. Dual-antenna design yields the best range and sensitivity for detecting police radar.

GPS Defender Camera Database

STi-R Plus (North American Version) gives advanced warning to red-light cameras and speed cameras in Canada and the USA. It comes pre-loaded with the award-winning Defender Database for North America.

GPS AlertLock with AutoLock

Tired of false X-band and K-band alerts in the city? You can now easily lock out these false alerts by tapping the mute button twice. AutoLock (equivalent to Escort's AutoLearn) can intelligently lock out false alerts automatically.

Traffic Signal Rejection (TSR)

STi-R Plus features TSR (traffic signal rejection) which is exclusive on the North American version. TSR supresses K-band signals from traffic drones designed to sample traffic flow on US highways.

Exclusive "Instant Kill" Panic Mode

Instant kill function that removes both radar and laser functionality of the system, turning it into a simply a GPS camera locator. The radar and laser functionality can be re-activated through the Detector Tools software. This new function is not available on the Passport 9500ci.

Exclusive Ka-Band Segment Filtering and RDR Option

Improve sensitivity by disabling specific narrow-band Ka frequencies range that are not used by the police. Better response time against Instant-On or Quick-Trigger radar. This great feature is exclusive in STi-R Remote and the new STi-R Plus only.

Laser Detection

STi-R Plus has built-in laser sensors inside the remote radar receiver for front laser detection. ZR4 Shifter Pack add-on is available for $400 extra. We strongly recommend adding AL Priority for the best laser protection.

Bundle STiR Plus with AL Priority Laser Defense Package

Save additional $100 with discount code SAVE100 when you add AL Priority laser jammer in the same order. More info on STiR Plus + ALP PKG

BEL STi-R Plus Includes

Remote radar and laser receiver, external amplified speaker, control module, display module, GPS antenna, interface box, install accessories


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