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Blackvue B124X Battery Pack

  • $44500

What is a Battery Pack for a DashCam?

Many users hardwire their dash cameras for continuous recording, but in most cases it relies on draining the vehicle's 12V battery. Instead of constantly discharging and recharging the vehicle battery, now you can run a dedicated battery pack for your dashcam. 

Blackvue's B112 Battery Pack

B112 Battery Pack takes 1-hour to charge, and provides 12-hours of continuous operation.

Capacity is 3000mA/12.8V. Input 12V-24V Cigarette LighterOutput 12V/1A, 2 USB

New Blackvue Ultra B124X Battery Pack

The new B124X offers 6000mAh capacity with both 12V and 24V support. Fully charged in 40 minutes when hardwired, and 80 minutes when plugged into cig-lighter socket. B124X further adds Bluetooth connectivity, so you can monitor the battery's state of charge via mobile app. 

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