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Direct Wire SmartCord

Direct Wire SmartCord

  • $4995

The Direct Wire SmartCord hardwires your Beltronics or Escort radar detector without occupying your cigarette lighter socket. It is hardwired into a fuse or spliced into any wire providing 12V from the battery.

The cord is approximately 12ft long, allowing wiring around the windshield. The SmartPlug includes a mute button as well as 2 LED indicators, one for power, and the other for alerts.

Compatible radar detectors are Beltronics GT-7, STi Magnum, STi Driver, PRO 500, Pro 300, Pro 200, Pro 100, Escort Redline, Passport Max/Max2/Max360, Passport 9500ix, Passport 9500i, Passport X50, X70.

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