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Direct Wire SmartCord

Direct Wire SmartCord

  • $4995

DirectWire SmartCord for Only Escort and Beltronics

The Direct Wire SmartCord hardwires your Beltronics or Escort radar detector using RJ11 connector, without occupying your cigarette lighter socket. It is hardwired into a fuse or spliced into any wire providing 12V from the battery.

The cord is approximately 12ft long, allowing wiring around the windshield. The SmartPlug includes a mute button as well as 2 LED indicators, one for power, and the other for alerts.

Compatible radar detectors are Beltronics GT-7, STi Magnum, STi Driver, PRO 500, Pro 300, Pro 200, Pro 100, Escort Redline, Redline EX, Passport Max/Max2/Max360, Passport 9500ix, Passport X50, X70, X80.

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