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Escort Passport Max + ALPriority Package

  • $1,38900

This package includes: Escort Passport Max radar detector, AL Priority laser system.

Limited-time Promotion: FREE Purolator Ground shipping (upgrade option available) and save extra $100 with discount code "SAVE100" at checkout!

Escort Passport Max - this is the latest Passport model that offers improved performance, GPS TrueLock and camera database, and a colourful LED display. Passport Max is the upgraded model from the best-selling Passport 9500ix.

AL Priority is the most powerful and reliable multi-purpose laser protection system for cars and motorcycles.

  • 100% legal laser parking sensor / park assist avoiding front bumper damage
  • Ultra protection against LIDAR based devices
  • AL-Priority has the world's smallest sensor, with 20% improvement on laser detection over AL G9, and 40%+ better than competition
  • Beautifully designed Control Set for easy mounting inside cabin
  • Optional Bluetooth Interface - available for iPhone/Android wireless integration
  • Free web firmware update via USB
  • Optional accessories - Bluetooth Module, sensor extension cable, etc.
  • 2-year limited warranty

Note regarding DALA/DragonEye support - we recommend 2 ALP sensors on the same side (front or rear) for DragonEye LID support. Please see ALP Dual

ALP Models:

AL Priority Single: Great performance and coverage for the front of a small vehicle or motorcycle with a 1 single laser sensor. We recommend Dual Sensor model if you live in Edmonton area, where DragonEye Lidar is widespread.

AL Priority Dual : Two sensor model is our best seller for front protection. The two front sensors can cover up to a large SUV with incredible performance.

AL Priority Triple : A very popular setup for 2-front and 1-rear installation. 

AL Priority Quad: Best selling front and rear system with 2-front and 2-rear coverage. 

AL Priority Five: Maximum number of ALP sensors allowed for a single ALP control box. 

Choose your package according to how many ALPriority sensors you need. Package pricing starts at $1,389 (with ALP Single). $350 for each additional ALP sensor.

This package includes: Escort Passport Max radar detector, AL Priority laser system.

Promotional offer:  FREE Purolator Ground shipping (upgrade option available)

Package Upgrade Options
Upgrade your AL Priority to HiFi Model - $130
Add Bluetooth Module for ALPConnect app with wireless ALP control - $149
Upgrade shipping to Purolator Express delivery - $30

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