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Escort Passport

  • $47900

All-New Escort "Passport" Radar Detector

The new Escort Passport radar detector is an affordable detector under $500 (CAD), offering great radar detection and features for the price. The new Passport radar detector features a colour OLED display, first introduced in high end Max and Max2 models. It also has Bluetooth built-in for Escort Live connectivity. 

Radar Detection Range - outperform many entry level models

Escort Passport is capable of giving long range advance warning on X, K and Ka-band radar. Paired with the new DSP technology, the Passport radar detector can pick up Instant-On short burst signals much more quickly. 

Escort Live Ready - GPS Truelock and more

Escort Passport is ready to connect to an iPhone or Android Smartphone via Escort Live app via Bluetooth. Even without built-in GPS, the new Passport can still utilize Escort Live to lock out false alerts, and its Defender camera database for red-light and speed cameras. 1-yr premium Live subscription is included.

Escort Passport is Recommended for...

The new Escort Passport is a great radar detector for the money for in BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. It is however not undetectable to Spectre RDD used in eastern Canada.

Escort Passport Includes

Passport radar detector, windshield mount with spare suction cups, coiled combo SmartCord, Quick Reference Card, and a travel case

User Manual

Download Escort Passport Quick Reference Guide

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