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Net Radar ALP Radar Add-On

  • $75000

What is the Net Radar antenna Add-on for AL Priority? 

Net Radar is a high performance radar receiver add-on, co-developed by key members of the Antilaser (ALP) team. Net-Radar is not a stand-alone radar detector as it requires AL Priority system and RG3.0 to control it - similar to other remote STiR / Radenso HD+ radar integration.

What makes Net-Radar a compelling choice aside from its long range performance, is the ability to connect up to 3 Net-Radar antennae to this RG3 Module - a forward facing, rear facing, and MRCD antenna (now in stock) to accommodate new MultaRadar photo radar threats in Alberta.

Net-Radar also features extremely effective K-band filtering against Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) from many newer vehicles. 

Net Radar Remote Antenna is a radar detector add-on to an AL Priority laser system. ALP laser jammer is sold separately.

We highly recommend using the ALPConnect app on iPhone or Android (with optional Bluetooth Module). The app offers a much user-friendly interface with easy-to-use controls. Voice alerts are also enabled through the app.

Without using the Bluetooth Module and ALPConnect, we also recommend ALP HiFi upgrade so users get voice alerts.

Aggressive False Alert Filtering

Modern premium radar detectors all offer incredible long range performance. What separates them from the best is false alert filtering. Net-Radar for ALP offers aggressive K-band filter against BSM (blind-spot monitoring) and other radar-based sensors that cannot be blocked by GPS lock-out.

Is Net-Radar Antenna Stealth to RDD?

While Net-Radar is not designed to be 100% stealth to Spectre RDD, its leakage signal is so minimal that a Spectre RDD can only detect it when placed in extremely close proximity. Given that the antenna is remotely mounted and usually concealed in the front grill or behind bumper, we can still recommend this for use in Eastern provinces (Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and the Atlantic). We consider Net-Radar near-stealth.

Net-Radar Base Add-On Kit includes

  • Net-Radar Remote radar receiver with receiver cable (weather-proof). Optional: MRCD antenna and rear facing antenna available for purchase.
  • RG Plugin Module 3.0 - interfaces the radar receiver with AL Priority Control Box, and can connect up to 3x Net-Radar antennae
  • ALP GPS Module - allows GPS lock-out of false alerts, and speed controlled radar mute
  • Optional Bluetooth Module or HiFi Cset is recommended for enabling voice radar/laser alerts through AL Priority.

    Net-Radar Purchase Options and Availability in Canada

    1. Net-Radar Kit ($750) includes
      1x NR regular antenna (regular K/Ka)
      RG 3.0 interface, GPS Module

    2. Net-Radar Dual Antenna Kit ($1,200) includes
      1x NR regular antenna (regular K/Ka)
      1x NR MRCD antenna (MRCD/CT)
      RG 3.0 interface, GPS Module

    3. Net-Radar MRCD-Only Kit ($750) includes
      1x NR MRCD antenna (MRCD/CT only, without K/Ka detection)
      RG 3.0 interface, GPS Module
    • Regular Net-Radar antenna - in stock!
    • MRCD Net-Radar antenna - in stock!

    How well does Net Radar MRCD detect MultaRadar?

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