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Radenso Pro SE

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World's smallest high-performance radar detector

German-designed Radenso Pro is the latest player in the radar detector industry. Not only did Radenso design the smallest radar detector in the world, they are also tested to show radar detection performance similar to many top end Escort and Beltronics radar detectors. 

Radenso Pro on the left, vs BEL RX65, Passport Max, Redline, and V1

Incredible Radar Performance

At $688 CAD, Radenso Pro SE (Special Edition with performance enhancement) has been tested by HCCTG, an independent radar laser enthusiast test group, showing detection range on K and Ka band matching that of an similarly priced Escort Redline, and even beating that of a Passport 9500ix and Passport Max.

Selectable settings for Ka and K-band

Selectable Ka narrow radar band tuned to the exact radar frequencies used in North America improves Ka-band detection, similar to Ka band-segmentation on Redline / STiR Plus. Selectable K narrow radar band allows Radenso Pro to increase range and reduce false alarms

GPS Enabled - false alert lock-out and camera database

Radenso Pro SE has built-in GPS, allowing it to block future false alerts by manually marking locations. Radenso also includes a GPS camera database for speed cameras and red-light cameras, similar to that is available on many Passport radar detectors.

Radenso offers free life-time web updates on camera database and detector firmware!

Radenso Pro SE Includes

Radenso Pro package includes the Radenso Pro SE radar detector in Red or Blue display, windshield mount, cigarette-lighter power adapter with straight cord, and a travel case.

Radenso Pro Video

Need help pre-programming the optimal settings?

We offer free optional programming prior to shipping our customer's purchase. We'll ensure that your unit is running optimal settings for your province. Please request upon purchase.

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