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RG Plugin Module v2.0 for AL Priority Radar Add-on

  • $15000

What is ALP R/G Plugin v2.0? 

The new AL Priority Radar / GPS (R/G) Plugin Rev 2.0 now supports integration between a Valentine 1 radar detector (current ESP model) with AL Priority laser system.

With the RG V1 integration, all radar and laser warnings will come through the AL Priority Control Set (regular or HiFi), or through the ALPConnect app (with optional Bluetooth Module).

We also recommend adding the optional GPS Module so V1 users can automatically mute false K-band radar warnings when travelling below a set speed limit.

Other Compatible Remote Radar Receivers

Requirement: AL Priority (HiFi / BT model recommended), Valentine 1 radar detector with ESP, Radenso HD+ receiver, or STiR receiver.

Product set contains:

  • R/G Plugin Module Rev 2.0 - interfaces ESP V1 radar detector with AL Priority Control Box
  • Optional Bluetooth Module or HiFi Cset is recommended for the integrated install enabling voice alerts
  • Optional GPS Module ($75) can be added to provide speed-controlled radar-mute and LID activation

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