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RG Plugin Module v2.0 for AL Priority Radar Add-on

  • $15000

What is ALP RG Plugin v2.0? 

The new AL Priority Radar / GPS Plugin Rev 2.0, known as the RG2 Module, now supports integration with compatible radar detectors or radar antenna.

Compatible Remote Radar Antenna

Requirement: AL Priority (HiFi / BT model recommended), Valentine 1 radar detector with ESP, Radenso HD+ receiver, or STiR receiver.

Product set contains:

  • R/G Plugin Module Rev 2.0 - interfaces ESP V1 radar detector with AL Priority Control Box
  • Optional Bluetooth Module ($150) or HiFi Cset ($130) is recommended for the integrated install enabling voice alerts
  • Optional GPS Module ($85) can be added to provide speed-controlled radar-mute and LID activation

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