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Uniden DFR9

  • $44800

Uniden DFR9 with GPS Camera Database

Uniden DFR9 is now available in Canada! DFR9 features an ultra-bright colour OLED display in the DFR-Series. DFR9 includes GPS which makes it an ideal detector for city-driving as well as highway-driving.

DFR9 sets the benchmark for being the best overall radar detector under $450 CAD.

Uniden DFR8 Key Features

  • Longest range radar detection for under $450 
  • Advanced K-band Filters
  • Voice Alerts
  • Ultra-Bright Colour OLED Display
  • Separate Signal Strength Metre
  • Micro USB Cord included
  • Frequency Display of Radar Bands (ie. 34.700 GHz Ka)
  • Separate Strength Meter
  • Invisible to VG2; stealth to Spectre RDD outside 5 metres.
  • GPS Built-in for Red-light and Speed Camera Alerts
  • GPS Quiet-Ride (speed controlled auto-mute)
  • GPS Max-Speed Warning

Uniden DFR9 includes

  • DFR9 radar laser detector
  • Double suction cup bracket
  • Cig-lighter adapter with mute and USB socket
  • Micro USB Cord

Availability in Canada

  • Now Available
  • Priced at $449.95 (CAD)

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