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Valentine 1 + ALPriority Package

  • $1,42800

Package Included Radar Detector

Valentine 1 - a high performance radar laser detector that yields excellent radar detection range as well as its exclusive directional arrow feature, indicating if the radar source is ahead or coming from behind. We ship the newest 2017 stock with the latest firmware and ESP.

Package Included Laser Jammer

AL Priority is the most powerful and reliable multi-purpose laser protection system for cars and motorcycles.

  • 100% legal laser parking sensor / park assist avoiding front bumper damage
  • Ultra protection against LIDAR based devices
  • AL-Priority has the world's smallest sensor, with 20% improvement on laser detection over AL G9, and 40%+ better than competition
  • Beautifully designed Control Set for easy mounting inside cabin
  • Optional Bluetooth Module - available for iPhone/Android wireless integration
  • Free web firmware update via USB
  • Optional upgrade - Bluetooth Module, HiFi Control Set upgrade
  • 2-year limited warranty

Note regarding DALA/DragonEye support - 2x ALP sensors on the same side are required for DragonEye support

ALP Models:

AL Priority Single: Great performance and coverage for the front of a small vehicle or motorcycle with a 1 single laser sensor. We recommend Dual Sensor model if you live in Edmonton area, where DragonEye Lidar is widespread.

AL Priority Dual: Two sensor model is our best seller for front protection. The two front sensors can cover up to a large SUV with incredible performance.

AL Priority Triple: A very popular setup for 2-front and 1-rear installation. 

AL Priority Quad: Best selling front and rear system with 2-front and 2-rear coverage. 

AL Priority Quint: Maximum number of ALP sensors allowed for a single ALP control box. 

Choose your package according to how many ALPriority sensors you need. Package pricing starts at $1,428 (with ALP Single). $350 for each additional ALP sensor.

This package includes: Valentine 1 (V1) radar detector, AL Priority laser system.

Promotional offer: FREE Purolator Ground shipping (upgrade option available)

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